How God Sees President Trump

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

As detailed in this video, the Lord encountered Terry Bennett recently and gave him the following word about Donald Trump. Terry delivered this word at Restoration Life Church on October 25, 2020.

It’s important to note that Terry did not have this understanding of President Trump or Melania prior to this revelation from the Lord. Nor had he considered Trump’s personal cost of standing alone as most rulers of nations don’t share Trump’s beliefs, hating both him and Jesus Christ.

The Lord spoke to Terry the following about President Trump.

Point 1

“He is friendly towards Me. He is not hating of Me nor is he fighting against Me within his heart, within your nation or within this government. He and his wife love Me; and they love those (both large and small) who outwardly speak of Me. They both love, honor, and appreciate My servants (My people) and do not persecute them. They respect Me and My supremacy as the one true Creator and Savior.”

Point 2

“President Trump is My friend; and he bows before Me and prays to Me. He also covets the prayers of righteous men and women. He is one of very, very few major world leaders [actually was stronger than that and is an incredible statement by God] . . . he is the only one of major world leaders who believes in Me and honors Me and seeks My wisdom and counsel. Of the nations with world power, your president stands alone as My friend and [as] one who still acknowledges Me as the Supreme One. Your president many times has stood alone among international leaders agreeing with My heart and My ways. He has been ridiculed because of Me.”

Point 3

“I, the Lord, see him when he bows and kneels. I, the true One, hears him as he prays to Me in the name of Jesus Christ. I, the Lord, who rules the heavens, watches his many tears before Me . . . and those tears will not be lost or forgotten.”

Point 4

“I see his brokenness and growing humility before Me, so I have been strength to President Trump, and I will continue to be so. I, yes, I, have made his forehead harder than the rebellious, stiff-necked haters of Myself and of My servants . . . of My Word . . . of My work . . . of My will. And I will continue to come near to him and his wife; and I will open doors in front of him that no man . . . no devil can shut. And I will shut doors (even personally) in their attempts against him and his wife and no man can open.” [Note: Terry hopes this is speaking of protection.]

[Note: Terry stated that God said this about Ezekiel who experienced similar opponents . . . that He would make his forehead harder than theirs. He also added that if we are to be messengers of Jesus Christ, we cannot be a wimp or you’ll cave in, run, hide, and/or give in. For if we were to back down, all will be lost . . . and this is also true for President Trump.

This is true of President Trump in the political arena. He is a bulldog; if you get into a debate with him, he will come right at you. And Terry stated that he understands this sentiment (as he’s just like him in the spiritual arena). Terry said that he will not back down (because some things, like the souls of men, are worth fight for . . . and it’s the truth that Christ is that makes men free . . . not wimpiness). You cannot fight the “good fight of faith” without a fight. This doesn’t give permission for being mean-spirited, but we must stand up when it’s required.

He then gave examples where truth must be spoken (i.e. that salvation only through Christ is a choice; that homosexuality is a sin and not a disease; that pedophilia and abortions are sins of the highest level). Terry stated that if one would get to Christ, He would prove truth to you. This directness made men hate both Jesus and the Apostle Paul. And they’re not going to like you if you believe there are absolutes. Yet, we must speak truth when God orchestrates an opportunity to offer Truth (Jesus). We must lose our lives (including a homosexual, lustful, adulterous, or sinful life) in order to follow Him. This is the gospel.]

Point 5

“I have seen Donald Trump’s love for the truth, and I have also seen so many of those around him who love the lie and deception. President Trump honors Me; therefore, I will honor him and present to this nation (its government, governors, and people) My human leader for this wicked time and backslidden nation and backslidden church.”

Point 6

“So pray for My servant, Donald Trump, for if you will stand for My purposes in the United States (and act accordingly) you will be joyfully surprised in your deliverance amid My toppling of powers within and great evils amid My judgments.” [Note: Terry stated that he does not know exactly what it means; though he has many hopeful ideas.]

Point 7

“For your president, Donald Trump, has and holds My concerns and interests. My concerns about life . . . the lives of the unborn . . . the lives of innocent children . . . the sanctity of all life and the hatred for murder.”

“My concerns about liberty, freedom from oppression, freedom from governmental slavery, freedom from our over taxation, and freedom from tyranny and unrestrained rulers.”

“My concerns for justices (versus injustice); the legislating of God’s morality (rather than godless immorality); the unbalanced scales of justice between rulers and the people; concerns of justice [related to] lies and deceptions (liars and deceivers who blaspheme God and will lead your nation to chaos and self-destruction).”

“My concerns for laws (laws that free versus laws which destroy, steal, and empower wickedness); that which exalts a nation (and that which destroys a nation); what offers peace, hope, and security (versus what invites lawlessness, rage, and civil division).”

“Awaken, oh awaken, ‘US of A’ to your plight and peril before it is utterly too late. The reaper is at your doorway. And the door is open to him (rather than shut). And when he enters your house, oh America, you will fall. For he will not be satisfied until the last purposed drop of blood is spilt.”

A special thanks to Sue Woods for transcribing this.

Bryan Kessler