A Strong Spirit

Wednesday, March 15, 2023

The strongest part of your being always determines your state, whether you are spiritual or carnal. If your soul or body is the strongest, you will be driven by your mind, will, emotions, and five senses. If your spirit is the strongest part of you, the three functions of your spirit—intuition (a direct knowing from the Spirit apart from conscience reasoning), communion, and conscience—will drive you. As a result, you will organically live by the indwelling life of Christ.

Never forget this law of the Spirit-led life: The strongest part of your being—whether spirit, soul, or body—will be the part that influences, leads, and governs you.

I refer to this principle as the law of strength. If your spirit is the strongest part of you, you will live a Spirit-led life.

Your Spirit Is Like a Smartphone
Hopefully a simple analogy will help you see the importance of this law. Since you likely have a smartphone, you probably already know there are four vital components that make it an incredibly useful tool: the phone itself, the apps you install, the connection to the internet (whether through Wi-Fi or a mobile network), and a fully charged battery.

Your spirit is like a smartphone.

The three functions of your spirit—intuition, communion, and conscience—are like apps installed on a smartphone.

Your spirit-to-Spirit union, which connects you to Jesus and the Father in heaven, is like Wi-Fi, connecting you to the cloud.

And the strength and power of the indwelling Spirit, applied to your spirit, is like a smartphone charger.

Recharge Your Spirit
For a smartphone to be used to its maximum potential, you must have the right apps installed, be connected to the internet, and most importantly, have a fully charged battery.

As you know, if the battery is low on power, it won’t take long until the phone shuts off and is useless. I’m sure you have received those annoying alerts telling you the battery is about to die.

No matter how great the apps or how fast your internet connection, a phone without power is worthless. In a similar way, if your spirit is not fully charged by the power of the indwelling Spirit, then your spirit-to-Spirit connection with the Lord is suppressed by the soul, and the three functions of your spirit can’t operate.

To live from the spirit by the power of the indwelling Spirit, therefore, your spirit must be the strongest part of your being.

If your soul is the strongest part of your being, then you will be a soulish Christian governed by the mind, will, and emotions.

If your body is the strongest part of your being, then you will be governed by the flesh.

In both cases, self-life in the soul will be the life source from which you live. This means your spirit will be suppressed and inoperative, and the indwelling life of Christ will be dormant within you.

However, if the indwelling Spirit strengthens your spirit with His power and might, transmitting His life, love, nature, resurrection power, and overcoming victory to your spirit, then your spirit will be the strongest part of your being.

When this happens, divine order takes place within you, making your spirit the leader; your soul the processor, expressor, and executor of the spirit’s input; and your body the soul’s servant. You will then be “led by the Spirit of God,” as Paul said in Romans 8:14.

Strengthened with Power
One of my all-time favorite prayers, which I try to pray almost every day because it’s vital to living by Christ’s indwelling life, is Ephesians 3:14-17. In these four verses, Paul prayed the Ephesians would be strengthened with God’s power in their spirit so Christ would dwell in their hearts by faith.

Using Paul’s prayer in Ephesians 3:14-17 as a model, I encourage you to pray daily for the indwelling Spirit’s miracle-working, dead-raising, leper-cleansing, sight-restoring, water-walking, and universe-creating power to make your spirit strong.

Like the power of dynamite, which destroys a high-rise building in a matter of seconds, the power of the Holy Spirit is able to strengthen your spirit as the uncontested leader of your life.

Praying like this will always shift your orientation away from a soul-led life or a body-led life to a spirit-led life.

Speaking from experience, I assure you, if you incorporate this prayer into your prayer life, the Spirit will transform everything about you.

He will strengthen your spirit by His power, enabling you to overcome self-life in your soul and sin in your body.

Asking the Father to strengthen your spirit by the miracle-working power of the Holy Spirit is like recharging your smartphone. It must be done every day if you want to live from your spirit.

More Information
If you would like to learn more about this, I recommend my teaching called A Strong Spirit and you can also purchase my latest book Indwelling Life.

Bryan Kessler