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ArticleWednesday, May 31, 2023

Why Pray for Israel?

If you don’t get Israel right, your view of the end times will be wrong. If you don’t understand Israel, then you will misunderstand the end times.

ArticleWednesday, April 26, 2023

Rest for Your Soul

By the Holy Spirit coming to reside within you, you can now experience a relationship with Christ, leading to affection-based obedience in the power of God’s grace.


Indwelling Life

You already have a treasure residing in you because Christ dwells within you. When your spiritual eyes are opened to see this truth, your mind will be renewed and your life transformed. You will be empowered to overcome the world, the flesh, and the devil. And most important of all, you will become the person God created you to be.

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The Eternal Blueprint

God has issued you the invitation of a lifetime . . . literally. You were created to be the Father’s, the Son’s, and the Spirit’s eternal inheritance. Once you understand this life-transforming truth, you will never be the same.

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Living By Covenant

The church must learn to live by our covenant relationship with the Lord. This class looks at what it means to live by covenant and the blessings that belong to us because of covenant.

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Foundations Track

This is a set of classes uniquely designed so that you can learn to hear God’s voice, worship in a way that pleases the Father, and to learn to pray in powerful and effective way.


The Great Reset

This message looks at Psalms 2 and an end-time conspiracy led by an antichrist cabal comprised of the world’s wealthy, powerful, and influential elite, who want to remove God and His Word from culture. This message also discusses The Great Reset, which the global elite are presently attempting to establish in the Western world.

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