Understanding the Times

Teaching Overview

This is an hour when understanding the times is vital. Jesus rebuked the leaders of His day because they couldn’t discern the times. Therefore, if we want to please the Lord, we should be like the sons of Issachar who understood the times and knew what to do. This message compares the days of Noah to the days of the Son of Man, which we seem to be living in right now. As in the days of Noah, where a small remnant had prophetic insight into God’s plans and prepared accordingly, the Lord is raising up a remnant today. This remnant will have prophetic insight into God’s prophetic plans and they will make themselves ready. This message also looks at Psalms 2 and an end-time conspiracy led by an antichrist cabal comprised of the world’s wealthy, powerful, and influential elite, who want to remove God and His Word from culture. This cabal is an antichrist movement that is preparing the way for two future antichrist kingdoms, known in Scripture as the 7th and 8th kingdoms. This message also discusses The Great Reset, which the global elite are presently attempting to establish in the Western world. This plan will transition the world from free-market capitalism to inclusive capitalism or stakeholder capitalism. This will mean exorbitant wealth for the elite as they control the world through an economic system enforced by tyrannical laws and progressive, antichrist ideologies. Finally, this message talks about how we should respond to this antichrist movement. Specifically, we should rest in God’s sovereign control, recognize what is happening, ready ourselves for what is taking place and what is coming, resist it, resolve not to compromise, and even restrain this lawlessness in our sphere of authority.

Bryan Kessler