God’s Eternal Purpose

This class explores God’s eternal purpose, established in the eternal council of the Godhead in eternity past, that drives everything God has done or will ever do.

Learning to Hear God’s Voice

This class will help you learn to hear God’s voice, how walk closely with Him in intimacy, how to discern God’s will for your life, and how to minister like Jesus did.


Galatians is the greatest defense against legalism in the Scripture. It’s not Christ plus something else. It’s not Christ plus obedience to the Law. Christ plus Bible reading. We are justified by faith alone by grace alone.

The Worshiping Church

This class will help you become a worshiper who worships in spirit and in truth and will help you develop a heart that seeks after God so that you can go deeper into His presence.

Becoming a House of Prayer

This class is designed to empower the church to become a house of prayer for all nations. You will learn how to grow in authority in prayer and become a more effective intercessor.

The Overcomers

This class explores Jesus’ messages to the seven churches in Revelation 2-3. You will discover the need to overcome, what to overcome, and the promises to those who overcome.

The Eternal Purpose Church

This class looks at the foundations for building an eternal purpose church and how to create the proper spiritual environment so that God’s eternal purpose is fulfilled.

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