The Forerunner Call

Understanding the Forerunner Call is the introductory class in Lifeschool’s Forerunner School. This exciting class casts the vision and lays a solid foundation for the call for end-time forerunners who will operate in the spirit and power of Elijah.

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Understanding the End Times

This class takes an in-depth look at the context for how God’s ultimate intention will be fulfilled at the end of the age. Studying the end times is important because it: helps prepare us for what’s coming; inspires us to repent and overcome; keeps us from deception; and equips us to be a prophetic voice and intercessor.

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The Worshiping Church

This class will help you become a worshiper who worships in spirit and in truth and will help you develop a heart that seeks after God so that you can go deeper into His presence.

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Galatians is the greatest defense against legalism in the Scripture. It’s not Christ plus something else. It’s not Christ plus obedience to the Law. Christ plus Bible reading. We are justified by faith alone by grace alone.

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