The Eternal Purpose Track

God’s Eternal Purpose

Class Overview

If you ask many believers, “What is God’s ultimate purpose for us?,” you are likely to hear something like, “Save the lost. Make disciples. Release a world-wide revival. Display His power through signs, wonders, and miracles. Or bring liberty and justice to the hopeless and needy.” Though all of these can lead to His ultimate purpose, there’s something far deeper in God’s heart. If we truly want to discover the reason why God created the world and what His ultimate intention is, then we have to go back in time. Back before the fall of man. Back before the creation of the world. We have to travel back to eternity past, when it was only the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Here, dwelling together in approachable light in the perfect bond of fellowship and love, the Godhead held a council that established the blueprint for the creation of the world and His chief creation—humanity. This class, God’s Eternal Purpose, explores what the Godhead established as their ultimate intention.

Bryan Kessler