The Eternal Purpose Track \ God’s Eternal Purpose

10 – Corporate Fullness

Session Overview

Not only does the Father have an inheritance in the saints, so does the Holy Spirit. This session looks at the Holy Spirit’s inheritance, which is a temple that He fills, a house in which He dwells, and a body that He possesses and brings to full maturity. This can be summarized by the phrase corporate fullness. For this happen, however, there must first be individual fullness. The idea is that the individual members of the body of Christ are to be filled unto fullness with the Spirit. As this takes place, the Lord then assembles these living stones into a spiritual house, which becomes the dwelling place of the Spirit. God’s intention is for this to happen in every local church setting. As this session explains, God’s house is a spiritual house of men and women who are spiritual people. That is, the sword of the Spirit has separated their soul from the spirit and transformed them into Spirit-led people whose spirits are the uncontested leader of their lives. This session also looks at the body that the Spirit fully possesses and brings to maturity. This is the church, the ekklēsia, which was conceived in the eternal councils of the Godhead. The church is so much more than a building we go to and a service we attend with music and a message. The church is the very body of Jesus Christ. Those who have the indwelling presence of Christ’s life are the expression of the Head who is enthroned in heaven. We are His hands and feet. As we progress toward the end of the age, this body will become a “mature man,” which Paul said is “the measure of the stature which belongs to the fullness of Christ” (Eph. 4:13). With this in mind, this session exhorts each of us to press into the fullness of Christ and become the inheritance that the Holy Spirit yearns for jealously. This session is an appeal to the church: Become the Holy Spirit’s inheritance as a corporate temple that He fills, a spiritual house in which He dwells, and a body that He possesses and brings to maturity.

Bryan Kessler