The Eternal Purpose Track \ God’s Eternal Purpose

2 – The Son at the Center of All Things

Session Overview

When Paul wrote the book of Ephesians, one of his main purposes was to express that God’s eternal purpose, established in the eternal council of the Godhead in eternity past, is the blueprint that drives everything that God has done or will ever do. This includes God’s ultimate intention, His redemptive plan, and His prophetic plan for restoration. This session focuses on the first component of God’s eternal blueprint—God’s ultimate intention. As this session highlights, whether or not Adam fell, God’s eternal purpose would be fulfilled. Though there are many aspects to God’s eternal purpose, this session covers God’s ultimate aim to place His Son at the center of all things. This session describes what the Scriptures reveal about the eternal Son—before He was Jesus—and how He was established in the eternal council as the Creator, the Way to the Father, the Truth, the Life, the pattern to which humanity would be conformed, the seed who would multiply into a harvest of sons, the Bridegroom, and the Lord of lords and King of kings.

Bryan Kessler