The Eternal Purpose Track \ God’s Eternal Purpose

8 – Coheirs with Christ

Session Overview

The initial act of adoption into God’s family made us Abraham’s heir and a partaker of the Holy Spirit. Yet as Paul stated, the final result of our adoption is future, for which we wait with intense longing and groaning. As “fellow heirs with Christ,” we are in the school of sonship unto adoption, being trained by the Holy Spirit for our future son placement into Christ’s inheritance. But what does that mean? What does God intend for us to inherit? What exactly is our inheritance in Jesus Christ? What is our eternal destiny as God’s adopted sons? This session will answer all of these questions as we look in detail at our eternal inheritance as coheirs with Christ. Namely, we look at our future inheritance of eternal intimacy, eternal authority, and eternal glory, which Jesus promised to the overcomers in Revelation 2-3. These promises are more than rewards to the faithful. What Jesus offers the overcomers are God’s original intention, decreed in the eternal council of the Godhead before one act of creation. God’s eternal purpose has always been to give His adopted sons the eternal intimacy, eternal authority, and eternal glory that Jesus detailed in His messages to the seven churches of Asia Minor. Seeing from this perspective changes the way we view these promises. More than a reward for faithfulness, more than a badge given to an elite set of super Christians, these promises have always been God’s intention for His adopted, Christ-like sons. As we examine the indescribable promises in Revelation 2-3 in this session, you will see that these are Jesus’ loving and passionate invitation to us into God’s eternal purpose, which the Godhead determined in the eternal council before time and creation. These incredible promises describe the inheritance reserved for God’s sons, for those who have graduated from the school of sonship unto adoption. As we examine these promises in this session, you will discover that the Godhead destined you for eternal intimacy, eternal authority, and eternal glory.

Bryan Kessler