The Great Reset

Teaching Overview

This message looks at Psalms 2 and an end-time conspiracy led by an antichrist cabal comprised of the world’s wealthy, powerful, and influential elite, who want to remove God and His Word from culture. This cabal is an antichrist movement that is preparing the way for two future antichrist kingdoms, known in Scripture as the 7th and 8th kingdoms. This message also discusses The Great Reset, which the global elite are presently attempting to establish in the Western world. This plan will fundamentally change the global economy from free-market capitalism to a hybrid of fascism and capitalism, what they call stakeholder capitalism. It’s vital the church recognizes the prophetic hour of history in which we live. We are living in a transitional time in world history and many things about our lives could soon change. The pressure to compromise and even apostatize by compromising the Word or denying the name of Jesus Christ will increase substantially. As our eyes are opened to what is happening in the earth, it inspires us to resist the spirit of the age, get ready for the Lord, for eternity, and for the times in which we live, and to restrain the rising lawlessness through prayer and intercession.

Bryan Kessler