So Divinely Wonderful

Wednesday, November 9, 2022

When I was writing Indwelling Life, I sensed that some who really took these truths to heart would experience personal revival. I know that was true for me. I feel like writing this book changed my life. Not because of anything that I wrote, but by the truths of God’s Word.

So, this in mind, I asked a couple of people in our Forerunner School to share their testimony of how Indwelling Life has impacted them. Below is a testimony from Shelley Gray.

The most important thing to me was the joy of knowing that my spirit and the Holy Spirit are one. They are connected. I mean, who knew that? I’m still trying to process this—if that makes sense.

As stated in Indwelling Life, we look at the things that are wrong with us, right? But we don’t look at the things that are right. When we focus on what’s wrong with us, we live under condemnation. We think this is who we are. But God has a deeper plan where He wants us to abide by the Spirit—to know that my spirit and the Holy Spirit are working together. God wants me to come to the revelation of “Shelley, your spirit and the Holy Spirit are one.” This is so divinely wonderful. Ice cream is for the body, but this is for the spirit!

What God is saying now is He needs to get to the soul-life—the self-life—so His Spirit can abide within my soul and transform my soul. So, now the things I do and say are no longer according to the soul. It’s according to being led by the Spirit. And so, this has been a radical change for me. I’m more aware of things that I’m doing.

For example, when I had a little struggle on Thursday, I realized this is my self-life trying to lead. And I don’t want it. I want the Spirit to lead.

And so, what is taught in Indwelling Life, is really causing me to meditate deeper on the things of the Spirit and what God is calling me into. Even how I am talking to people.

The truths contained in this book and class have had a tremendous impact on my life—I’m undone.

God is revealing Himself in me to me. And so, where I’ve thought “I want to do this,” instead I’m realizing, “No, God wants to do this.” And I have to let Him do it.

The Lord used chapter 4, which focuses on the five hinderances to abiding, to highlight how I have been operating. This was eye-opening and shocking. In some ways, it was even kind of disgusting—to really see the things in me being exposed by God’s living and active Word.

For example, when I read page 57 of Indwelling Life, I was convicted by this statement:

In reality, most of us have some mixture of spirit, soul, and body influencing, leading, and governing us. For some, it might be 30% spirit, 40% soul, and 30% body. For others, it might be 10% spirit, 80% soul, and 10% body. Still others might be 5% spirit, 10% soul, and 85% body.

I encourage you, after completing this chapter, take some time in prayer and ask the Lord to reveal your percentages. Whatever your state presently is, the goal of this book is to help you become influenced, led, and governed by the indwelling Spirit. Though pristine perfection is unattainable in this life, it’s not an excuse for carnal living.

After reading this, I said, “For real, Lord? Do I really want to know this? I don’t really want to ask you right now Lord. I need a moment.”

And so, it took a little while for me to ask this. But I realized there’s hope in knowing who we are and how we operate, for He is the hope in me and knowing my true condition leads me closer to Him. And that’s where it is right now. The Lord is opening up that spiritual window for us to see that He wants to increase within us. He wants His Spirit to grow in us. And He is showing us how to grow.

For more information, check out Indwelling Life on Amazon.

Bryan Kessler