1 – The Eternal Blueprint

Session Overview

Most believers are unaware that God even has an eternal purpose that drives everything He does. Ask most Christians, “What is God’s ultimate intention? Why did God create the universe and humanity?” and you will likely hear many different responses, including “to save us,” “to glorify Himself,” “to feed the poor,” or “to make disciples of Jesus in the nations.” But what if there was something deeper? What if God had a grand master plan, a blueprint that He operates from, that has been hidden from many believers for centuries? To truly understand God’s eternal purpose and our purpose in Him, we need a God-centered approach. This requires the proper starting point. We must begin in eternity past when it was only God. This message focuses on the blueprint from eternity, established in a heavenly council of the Godhead, that determined God’s master plan for the ages. It also describes the five components of God’s eternal purpose.

Bryan Kessler