The Eternal Purpose Track \ Ekklesia: Expressing Christ’s life together

1 – The New Testament Church

Session Overview

The American church is made for those who want to fit Jesus into their life. The New Testament church is made for those who want Jesus to be their life. And this is the only way that the New Testament church works. From God’s perspective, the church of Jesus Christ is meant to be an organic expression of Christ’s indwelling life, as the individual parts of the body function together in related coordination, to represent Christ in a particular city. When a church is truly organic, it will be free of carnal and soulish mixture. Human programs, rituals, liturgy, dead religion, manmade traditions, and human wisdom and ingenuity will be replaced by the power, grace, liberty, and spontaneity of the life-giving Spirit. All the individual members of the body—having Christ’s indwelling life, living from their spirit rather than their soul or body—will give expression of Christ’s life together, representing Him throughout the earth. This message looks that this in detail.

Bryan Kessler