Forerunner School \ The Forerunner Call

10 – Forerunners as Friends of the Bridegroom

Session Overview

This session addresses the important role of the forerunner to help prepare a worthy bride for Christ. The session begins with an explanation that end-time forerunners must function as a friend of the Bridegroom. This session also highlights several principles of the ancient Jewish wedding system with emphasis on the radical nature in which believers are to pursue being made ready as a prepared bride for Christ. The session concludes with an explanation of how forerunners are used as friends of the Bridegroom to make a bride ready for Christ. As are all of the sessions in this class, this is an important session because it highlights one of the most important aspects of the forerunner call—to help prepare a bride for the Lord. It is well worth digging into and learning key concepts of this vital role.

Ken Kessler