Forerunner School \ Understanding the End Times

10 – The Apostasy

Session Overview

This session looks at the end-time apostasy, which Paul said would come just prior to the second coming of Christ. By looking at ancient Israel’s apostasy under Solomon, Jeroboam, and Ahab and Jezebel, we see a blueprint for the end-time apostasy, which will take place in three phases. Phase 1 is patterned after the sins of Jeroboam. That is, through doctrines of demons, deceitful spirits, ear-tickling messages, and a different gospel, self-seeking ministers, interested in building and preserving their own kingdoms, are crafting an idolatrous version of Jesus. Phase 2 will be modeled after Jezebel’s state-sanctioned religion and will bring the apostasy to an even greater level. As the harlot city of Rome spews out universalism to the nations, many undiscerning Christians will drink this wine. Phase 3 will commence 3.5 years before Christ returns, when the antichrist is unmasked, revealed as a man of lawlessness who craves worship from the nations. After he burns the harlot city and her religion, the antichrist will force the world to convert to his religion and worship him.

Bryan Kessler