11 – Communion with Christ

Session Overview

This session is the second of ten sessions that looks at a vital principle that fosters Spirit-led living. The second principle that we will examine is this: Spirit-to-spirit communion with Christ is the food that strengthens, nourishes, and energizes your spiritual life. As you will learn in this session, eternal life is knowing God. When Christ’s unending life was implanted within you at new birth, it gave you the ability to know God in a deeply personal way. Eternal life was grafted to your spirit so you can experience an internal, intimate relationship with the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit right now. As this session stresses, eternal life is your destiny not your destination. In fact, you won’t go to heaven when you die if you don’t possess His life now. This means eternal life is not somewhere you go; it is a Person you know. And contrary to the mindset of many believers, you don’t have to wait to experience intimacy with the Lord until after you die. This session also explains some practical ways to cultivate conversational intimacy with Christ.

Bryan Kessler