The Eternal Purpose Track \ Understanding the Bride of Christ

11 – Overcoming Jezebel

Session Overview

At the end of the age, two movements will capture the attention of heaven and earth. Jesus will have a worthy bride who will sit on His throne and rule the nations with Him. In direct opposition, Satan is preparing a counterfeit bride who will partner with the antichrist and seduce the nations into idolatry, immorality, witchcraft, and blasphemy. John described this counterfeit bride as a harlot who partners with the kings of the earth to intoxicate the nations with her immorality. The harlot is Satan’s counterfeit of the bride of Christ. Through this harlot, Satan will deceive the nations, persecute the church, and cause many Christians to fall away from the faith. As John writes in Revelation 18, the bride must come out of the harlot. This session looks at Revelation 17-18 and the need for the betrothed bride to separate from her in order to be made ready in the end times.

Ken Kessler