Forerunner School \ Understanding the End Times

11 – The Apostasy: Phase 1

Session Overview

This session looks at Phase 1 of the apostasy, which is currently underway and involves the preaching of another Jesus. Like Jeroboam, when a Christian leader has selfish ambition, self-preservation, and selfish motives, a door is open wide to Satan, who through his craftiness, weaves his way in to present another Jesus and a different gospel. In many churches today, pastors, teachers, and ministers are carefully crafting a more relevant version of Jesus—one who is more palatable to our post-modern, morally relativistic, overly tolerant, and politically-correct culture. Hell’s strategy to deceive millions and prepare the way for the antichrist is to present another Jesus who is a carefully crafted imitation that looks, sounds, and feels like the real Jesus. He accomplishes this goal through doctrines of demons. Three doctrines of demons we look at in this message are hyper-grace, preterism, and dominionism. This three-stranded chord of demonic doctrines will help accelerate the apostasy.

Bryan Kessler