Forerunner School \ Understanding the End Times

12 – The Apostasy: Phase 2

Session Overview

This session looks at Phase 2 of the apostasy. As we saw in the last session, hyper-grace teaching leads to the preaching of another gospel and another Jesus. This paves the way for Progressive Christianity and the idea that the Bible is evolving based upon modern-day cultural trends. In turn, this always leads to universalism—the belief that all humans are God’s children and all religions lead to the same God. In this session, we look at the religion of the seventh antichrist kingdom, as described in Revelation 17-18. This one-world religion will likely be universalism—a merger of the three faiths of Abraham. The leaders in this seventh kingdom will merge together apostate Christianity, Islam, and Judaism into a state-sanctioned, harmonious religion that unites the world and establishes peace. Unfortunately, it will cause many Christians to apostatize from Christ. In this session, we also look at four reasons why the coming one-world religion will likely be universalism.

Bryan Kessler