Forerunner School \ The Forerunner Call

12 – The Journey of the Forerunner, Part 2

Session Overview

This session continues our look at the forerunners journey—preparation for the call as a forerunner and the ministry of the forerunner. This session draws from Elijah’s time at brook Cherith and at Zarephath to explore what is involved in the preparation process God has designed for forerunners. The session highlights the need for forerunners to grow in spiritual union with Christ, to receive divine revelation of the truths forerunners will need to be effective in ministry, and also the need to overcome both for the purpose of being conformed into the image of Christ and to gain authority as a forerunner. The session then switches to the topic of the ministry journey of the forerunner drawing again from the ministry of Elijah. The session and the class conclude with a discussion of forerunners being appointed for specific assignments at varying times and seasons in their ministry journey.

Ken Kessler