The Eternal Purpose Track \ Understanding the Bride of Christ

3 – Unrelenting Love

Session Overview

For the betrothed bride of Christ to be prepared, it will require a preparation period that includes major changes in our hearts and lifestyles. Because some of these dealings of God will be intense, believers must be confident in God’s unrelenting love for us. Therefore, an important key to making ourselves ready as a worthy bride is knowing God’s love at a deep level (Rev. 19:7; Eph. 3:16-19). To grow in our love for Jesus as a Bridegroom, we must grow in the knowledge of God’s love. That is why this session examines God’s love from the following three perspectives: 1) The Father’s love for the Son; 2) The Father’s love for the bride; and 3) The Son’s love for His bride.

Ken Kessler