Foundations Track \ The Worshiping Church

6 – A Heart After God

Session Overview

This session addresses the heart of the worshiper by examining the life of King David and the traits which made him such a passionate worshiper. Most would agree that King David is the greatest worshiper of all time. If we include the Psalms, which illustrate David’s deep longing and adoration for God, more insight is offered about his worship than any other biblical character. He worshiped with singing, instruments, lifting of hands, celebration, and dance. He brought the ark of God’s presence to Zion where he established day and night worship before the Lord. But it was David’s heart that made him the worshiper that he was. The Lord said that David was “a man after My heart, who will do all My will” (Acts 13:22). David was a true worshiper. David’s heart for God and his passion to worship are integrally connected. His heart for God made him a worshiper, and his heart of worship made him a man after God’s heart.

Ken Kessler