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Galatians 1

Session Overview

In Galatians 1, Paul spends a great amount of time defending himself as a true messenger of the Lord. The Judaizers accused Paul of receiving his message from the 12 apostles. They railed against him because he was not part of the Jerusalem church and didn’t receive direct revelation of his gospel. The Judaizers wanted to undermine Paul as a messenger because they didn’t like his message. So, Paul spends most of Chapter 1 explaining to the Galatians that he received his gospel directly from Jesus Christ. God was pleased to reveal His Son in Paul and this is what gave Paul credibility as a messenger. Paul’s defense of his ministry is not for self-seeking reasons. Paul wants to guard his precious, life-changing gospel message. He wants to ensure that the Galatians aren’t accursed and separated from Christ by seeking to be justified by the Law.

Bryan Kessler