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Galatians 3

Session Overview

In Galatians 3, we look at how the Galatians were bewitched through false teaching. The Judaizers’ false gospel persuaded the Galatians to add the works of the Law to their faith in Christ. This dangerous, deadly teaching was like a witchcraft curse. It put them under a spell, clouding them with confusion. The Galatians had a wonderful beginning. When Paul planted four churches in Galatia, they experienced an outpouring of the Spirit. Through the simple act of hearing with faith, the Spirit of God did signs, wonders, and miracles. Many in Galatia were saved. The Galatians complete turnabout doesn’t even make sense. They received the Spirit by hearing with faith. Logically, they should have also lived by the Spirit through hearing with faith. But a bewitching spell of false teaching deluded them. The poisonous teaching of legalism persuaded them to exchange hearing with faith for the works of the Law. We also look at what it means for righteousness to be imputed to us by faith. This makes us sons of Abraham who are blessed with Abraham and delivered from the curse of the Law. This teaching also distinguishes between the curse of the Law and God’s judgment. Finally, we look at why the Law was given.

Bryan Kessler