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Galatians 5, Part 2

Session Overview

In Galatians 5, Part 2, we look at the contrast between the flesh and the Spirit. We have the power within us, through the Holy Spirit, to overcome and thoroughly defeat the wicked, depraved, defiled, and corrupt desires of our unredeemed bodies working together with our unrenewed souls. The flesh has desires that never go away. The indwelling Spirit also has desires that never go away. As a result, there is an internal war raging within you. Your flesh is at war with God and God is at war with your flesh. When we yield to the indwelling Spirit and allow Him to live within us, we “are not under the Law” but we are “under grace” (Rom. 6:15). Those led by the Spirit will keep “the requirement of the Law” (Rom. 8:4). This will not be a grit-your-teeth effort performed by self-determination and fleshly willpower. It will be by the power of Christ’s indestructible, resurrection life working within us. A lifestyle of meticulous obedience to the Law ends when living by Christ’s indwelling life begins. This is what it means to be under grace. This is our focus in Chapter 5, Part 2.

Bryan Kessler