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Galatians 5

Session Overview

In Galatians 5, we look at how the Law was a yoke of slavery the Israelites bore for centuries, burdening them with commandments impossible to fully obey internally and externally. Most Israelites were emotionally and mentally scarred by guilt, shame, and condemnation. They could never do enough to be accepted by God or to please Him. Jesus offered them—and us—a new way of living. Rather than being weighed down with a law-keeping obsession, we can come to Jesus and experience a deeply personal relationship with Him. Knowing Him intimately yokes us together with a Person rather than tablets of stone. Jesus invites us to walk with Him day by day, moment by moment. The era of meticulous obedience to God’s lofty standards has come to an end. The external commandments of you musts and thou shalts has been replaced by an internal relationship with Christ through the indwelling Spirit. External compliance is now obsolete. Internal revelation, intimacy, and transformation through the indwelling Spirit is the new way of living. Jesus invites both Jews and Gentiles into this life-giving relationship. When we enter fully into this new and better way, we exchange the works of the Law for faith working through love. Then, strange as it sounds, the 613 commandments of the Law are fulfilled in us as we keep just two commandments: The first commandment to love God and the second commandment to love others. The whole Law is fulfilled by love. In this message, we look in-depth at how the Law is fulfilled as we walk in love toward others.

Bryan Kessler