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Galatians 6

Session Overview

In Galatians 6, we look at bearing one another’s burdens (6:1-6), sowing and reaping to the flesh and the Spirit (6:7-10), crucifixion to the world system (6:11-14), and living by the law of the new creation (6:15-16). As the body of Christ, we are to help our brothers and sisters in Christ through trying and difficult times. Not only does God help carry our load, He uses the body of Christ to ease the heavy burden others carry. These burdens can be relational, financial, job-related, or a hundred other things weighing them down. We carry one another’s burdens through acts of service, kindness, listening, giving, helping with their children, and praying. We are one body. One spiritual family. None of us are meant to carry our burdens alone. We need each other to help shoulder the difficult challenges of life. When we help carry each other’s burdens, we fulfill the law of Christ. What, exactly, is the law of Christ? It’s Jesus’ new commandment to “love one another, even as I have loved you, that you also love one another” (John 13:34). This session also looks at how our fleshly decisions and actions will eventually produce a harvest in our lives. Sin always has consequences, which sometimes isn’t experienced until years later. We believed the lie that sowing to our flesh repeatedly won’t eventually impact us. Paul said otherwise. On the other hand, sowing to the Spirit begins by rewiring our beliefs and thoughts through meditating on the indwelling Christ and His Word. As we think deeply about who dwells within us and how He has transformed our spirits to be righteous, holy, complete, and a partaker of the divine nature, we will progressively take Spirit-led actions that please God. Over time, these actions become Spirit-led habits, and eventually, these habits form and shape our character into the image and likeness of Jesus Christ. Ultimately, Christlike character will give us the most incredible destiny—both now and for eternity.

Bryan Kessler