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Introduction to Galatians

Session Overview

Galatians is the greatest defense against legalism in the Scripture. It’s not Christ plus something else. It’s not Christ plus obedience to the Law. Christ plus Bible reading. Christ plus prayer. We are justified by faith alone by grace alone. It’s not by the works of the Law but by hearing with faith. This introduction to Galatians looks at why Galatians was written and who it was written to. Namely, Paul wrote Galatians because Judaizers—those who believed Jesus was the Messiah but said you must obey the Law of Moses to be saved—were distorting Paul’s simple gospel of justification by faith alone in the finished work of the cross. Because the Law is referenced in every chapter and in many verses, having an understanding of the Law is important. That’s why this message gives an overview and summary of the Law of Moses. This background makes the book of Galatians easier to understand.

Bryan Kessler