Foundations Track

Learning to Hear God’s Voice

Class Overview

Learning to hear God’s voice is crucial for those who desire to walk closely with God. To develop intimacy with Jesus, to discern God’s will for our lives, and to minister as Jesus did, we must learn to hear from God. This class begins with the basic truth that every believer can hear God’s voice. The class also looks at the relationship between intimacy with God and hearing His voice, the character of God’s voice, and discerning God’s voice from our own thoughts, emotions, and even the voice of the enemy. This class also shows that hearing God’s voice is vital if you want to minister as Jesus did. Learning to Hear God’s Voice will help you minister in the gifts of the Holy Spirit, teach you about the baptism of the Holy Spirit, and reveal the importance of speaking in tongues. After taking this course, you will develop a deep confidence that you can hear God for personal devotion, guidance, and ministry.

Ken Kessler