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Class Overview

Galatians is the greatest defense against legalism in the Scripture. It’s not Christ plus something else. It’s not Christ plus obedience to the Law. Christ plus Bible reading. Christ plus prayer. We are justified by faith alone by grace alone. It’s not by the works of the Law but by hearing with faith. Paul wrote Galatians because Judaizers—those who believed Jesus was the Messiah but said you must obey the Law of Moses to be saved—were distorting Paul’s simple gospel of justification by faith alone in the finished work of the cross. Paul summarizes the entire Christian life in Galatians 2:20, when he stated I have been crucified with Christ and now I live by His indwelling life and by His faith. He also stressed the importance of living by the Spirit. Namely, that after being justified and having a good beginning, we are to still live by the Spirit. Justification is by grace through faith. So also is sanctification. Finally, Paul emphasized living by the Spirit. Specifically, he taught that if you walk by the Spirit, meaning you are led by the Spirit, you will bear the fruit of the Spirit, will overcome the flesh, and will not be subject to any Law.

Introduction to Galatians

Class: GalatiansSunday, May 31, 2020

This introduction to Galatians looks at why Galatians was written and who it was written to. This message also gives an overview and summary of the Law of Moses. This background makes the book of Galatians easier to understand.

Galatians 1

Class: GalatiansSunday, May 31, 2020

In Galatians 1, Paul spends a great amount of time defending himself as a true messenger of the Lord. The Judaizers wanted to undermine Paul as a messenger because they didn’t like his message. So, Paul spends most of Chapter 1 defending his ministry.

Galatians 2

Class: GalatiansMonday, June 8, 2020

In Galatians 2, we look in depth at what it means to be justified. We also look at perhaps the greatest statement Paul ever made in Galatians 2:20. I have been crucified with Christ and now I no longer live. Christ lives in me and through me.

Galatians 3

Class: GalatiansTuesday, June 9, 2020

In Galatians 3, we look at how the Galatians were bewitched through false teaching. The Judaizers' false gospel persuaded the Galatians to add the works of the Law to their faith in Christ. We also look at what it means for righteousness to be imputed to us by faith. This makes us sons of Abraham who are blessed with Abraham.

Galatians 4

Class: GalatiansSunday, June 21, 2020

In Galatians 4, we look at Greco-Roman adoption in the first-century and how that applies to us receiving the blessing of Abraham. We also look at God’s ultimate answer for racism.

Galatians 5

Class: GalatiansMonday, June 22, 2020

In Galatians 5, we look at how external compliance is now obsolete. Internal revelation, intimacy, and transformation through the indwelling Spirit is the new way of living. Jesus invites both Jews and Gentiles into this life-giving relationship.

Galatians 5, Part 2

Class: GalatiansTuesday, August 25, 2020

We look at the contrast between the flesh and the Spirit. We have the power within us, through the Holy Spirit, to overcome and thoroughly defeat the wicked, depraved, defiled, and corrupt desires of our unredeemed bodies working together with our unrenewed souls.

Galatians 6

Class: GalatiansThursday, August 27, 2020

In Galatians 6, we look at bearing one another’s burdens (6:1-6), sowing and reaping to the flesh and the Spirit (6:7-10), crucifixion to the world system (6:11-14), and living by the law of the new creation (6:15-16).

Bryan Kessler